About CP

The Early Years: 1970-1980’s

  • Business fascinated me from an early age.

  • As a child I was a fan of (and corresponded with) Louis Rukeyser.

  • An early gift from Grandmother Esther, who instilled prudence and long term perspective from an early age. She lived to be 106.

  • As I child, I often joined my father at his small family-owned business.

  • I had an early interest in morality, philosophy and politics.

Getting Started: 1990’s

  • Jay Ryan's original cover artwork was rejected by the publisher.

  • College "office" where Capitalistpig was created.

  • First radio program aired on Northwestern's WNUR-FM.

  • Radio show soon moved to WMVP-AM 1000, Chicago.

  • On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

  • Jay Ryan postcard announcing "Greed is Good" publication.

  • Television floor credentials to Chicago Board of Trade

  • New York Times profile "Bad Boy Voice of Wall Street"

  • Rolodex, Fax Machine. Our late 90's office.

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Growing as a Company: Early 2000’s

  • Profile in Kiplinger's Personal Finance

  • On the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade

  • Fast Company profile

  • Became a Fox News Contribuitor.

  • Shorting technology in early 2000.

  • In Ouray, Colorado with 1-ounce gold bar.

  • First downtown office. With assistant Ari Chaet.

  • Reporting from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

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Making an Impactful Shift: Late 2000’s-Present

  • "Individualism against Collectivism", 2009

  • "Real Reform for Government", 2011

  • Regular Fox Business "All-Star".

  • Cashin' In marks a decade on Fox News Channel.

  • "The Moral Case for Capitalism", 2010

  • Becoming a nationally recognized and highly regarded brand.

  • A creative and unique media voice.

  • Pioneering hedge fund ads

  • 2014 Documentary film: PIT TRADING 101

  • An innovative, alternative voice

  • First Presidential Endorsement, 2016

  • THE PIT published to industry praise.

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