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$2,000 Contest for 20,000 Followers

Posted: July 31, 2013

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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In 2009, I ran into Mary Katharine Ham at the Sam Adams Alliance Awards in Chicago.


Mary Katharine Ham speaks at the Sam Adams Alliance “Sammies” Awards, 2009
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I had admired her videos and thoughtful debates on Fox News for years and was delighted to meet her.  Over casual conversation about politics and culture, Mary Katharine raved about her experience on Twitter and encouraged me to join.  I’m very happy to have followed her advice!

Just a few years later, I’m thrilled to have 20,000 followers and be actively engaged with people all over the world.  This is the true marketplace of ideas, and like the answering machine, aspirin or any act of wealth creation, we now can’t imagine life before it.

As a small token of gratitude to my followers, I’m giving away $200 to ten different people who follow me on Twitter.  Simply tweet @JonathanHoenig with hashtag #Capitalism and tell me why you think capitalism is good.  I’ll pick my ten favorite answers and send you $200 cash, along with your choice of Capitalistpig t-shirt.

I’m the judge and all decisions are final.

Contest ends Sunday, August 4th at 10PMCT.  Thank you and good luck!


  1. WinstonCN

    An excellent idea..

  2. Jon Thurber

    Take a look what is happening to the us when the gov’t gets involved. It’s the opposite of capitalism.

    The things that have made this country great came from capitalism period.

    The majority of things that come from big gov’t are a drain on our nation.

  3. Floyd Baggs

    #Capitalism is the engine that drives our Republic. Everyone and everyting benefits from #Capitalism.

  4. Rick Murray

    Government is destroying capitalism making it almost impossible for people like me to create new businesses. I have been over-regulated out of business twice now. But I have a new product and despite the government I will find a way to bring it to market.

    It is a good and legal product and market research shows people want it.

  5. Rick Murray

    I am not looking for handouts or subsidies. I will succeed or fail on my own. I will only partner with those who believe the same as I do, that full freedom includes being allowed to start your own business and run it responsibly for the profit of myself and those who I choose to hire according to their ability to help my business grow!

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