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#Capitalism Contest Winners

Posted: August 4, 2013

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Over the past five days, Twitter users all over the world have posted thousands of insightful perspectives addressing the basic issue I posed last week:  Why is #Capitalism good?

The response has been overwhelming, even prompting #Capitalism to “trend” on Twitter’s worldwide feed.


Screenshot from Twitter, August 1, 2013

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Hundreds if not thousands of discussions about Capitalism have been started as a result.  My followers are extremely knowledgable and I’m inspired by their willingness to advocate and clearly reason for capitalism.  I could have literally chosen a hundred winners, but settled on eleven of the best.

In addition, so many responses mentioned an interest in donating to the Wounded Warrior Project that I’ve decided to make a separate $500 contribution to that organization, in honor of my 20,000 Twitter followers.

I’ll hold a new contest, this time for $3000, when my follower count hits 30,000.


Winners of $200 and a Capitalistpig t-shirt of their choosing: (in no particular order)


“#Capitalism: a separation of state and economics,in the same way & for same reasons as the separation of state and church.”

–Allen Gainer @againer12

Allen did an excellent job at simply defining the term.  Crony capitalism is cronyism, not capitalism.


“#Capitalism is the engine of Freedom. The free market enabled by Capitalism allows individuals to be beholden to no one.”

–Leslie Dowd ‏@LADowd

Leslie made the point that capitalism is the means by which free people trade and prosper.  As many tweets pointed out, capitalism and freedom are synonymous.


“#Capitalism. Freedom to seize Opportunities. Determination to ride out storms, changing boats if needed. Enjoying success”

–Dee @chefelf1

I liked how Dee emphasized the dynamic and evolving nature of capitalism, along with the self-serving pleasure that comes from productive achievement on any scale.


#Capitalism gives every individual the opportunity and the resources to make something great of themselves and the world.”

–Junior Robinson  ‏@THE_JrRobinson

Capitalism lets you make something great of the world, and Junior effectively summarizes its optimism.  Capitalism permits us to enjoy, transform and succeed in the world.


“Capitalism is good, great, and makes the world go. Even in the arts, those who claim to shun it are always engaging in it!


All moral human relationships are based on trade, including love, friendship and those in the arts.


“#Capitalism is the freedom to choose and therefore to become fully human.”


Only Capitalism is consistent with man’s natural requirements as a rational being.  The freedom to choose is the freedom to be human: to think.


“#Capitalism affirms that I, my property, my labor and my time have value, and no one has any moral claim on it but me.

–Elliot Rivera ‏@ElliotR_1984

Elliot is correct: your life and the product of your labor belongs to you.  You’re born free-and-clear, not with any debt to “society” or “the greater good.”


 “#Capitalism is good because all of the alternatives require using force”

‏—Rick Kiessig @RickKiessig

Capitalism is anti-force.  It banishes physical force from all human relationships.


“#Capitalism What if we actually tried it? Imagine! (John Lennon did not approve this message.)”

–Krista Ruskin ‏@crochetbyk

Krista makes a crucial point, that even the United States is not a truly capitalist country, it’s a mixed economy, but imagine the wealth and prosperity and happiness if it was?  There’s no limit as to what a capitalist society can create.


“#Capitalism recognizes that nobody can pinch hit for your sacred individual responsibility to think.”

–Tom Cowan @tomcowan

A wonderful response.  Human life requires you to think.  Capitalism is the system of the thinking, rational Man.


“#Capitalism lets me get meat from Texas tomatoes from Cali lettuce from China & put it on a bun from Iowa for a buck!”

—Sam  @sskinner_

And so much more!  Capitalism has created wealth for all people that’s unprecedented in human history.  The more free a country is, the more prosperous it is — always.


 Thank you all for participating!


  1. adela wagner (@adelawagner1)

    Congrats to all the winners. I really thought I would place, oh well maybe next time.

  2. Ron

    I was sure I would win and was going to leave those winnings with Jonathan so he could invest it for me.
    Oh woe is me, there goes my new life style.
    on a serious note, congrats to all, thanks to Jonathan and Mary Katharine. good to know people understand what and why.

  3. Christopher

    I agree that crony capitalism is NOT capitalism. Therefore, I refer to it as ‘crony corporatism’. How about an ‘Occupy K Street’ movement to take on the pork-hungry lobbyists in D.C.? Lobbyistpig sounds more appropriate than Capitalistpig.

  4. Laurie

    Congrats to all of the winners! Great choices, Jonathon! I look forward to the time you reach 30k!

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