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Posted: December 1, 2012

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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There was a frenzy this week as Americans raced to play Powerball, pumping millions into several state governments.  Could a huge national lottery help pay down the nation’s $16 trillion debt?

The number of delinquent college student loans now surpasses the number of delinquent credit card balances for the first time.  Will the massive amount of student debt impair future economic growth?

China is ditching their business tax for a national sales tax.  Would it work here?

Plus a contrarian stock pick to “Zeus up” your portfolio.


I’ll join Cheryl CasoneWayne RogersJohn LayfieldTracy ByrnesJulian Epstein – and you on Twitter – on Cashin’ In at 10:30AMCT today.

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  1. Lisa Christianson

    No on the lottery…it’s a false premise. Won’t work & will harm people. Very concerning about the next bubble that will eventually burst, student loans. Keeping an eye out for the next meltdown. Yes on the national sales tax. It should be tied to consumption. This way, everyone has skin in the game. Fair share and all that sort of Presidential drivel.

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