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Fox: Privatize the Post Office

Posted: February 9, 2013

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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The Post Office announced it will suspend delivery of first-class mail on Saturdays after losing $16 billion in 2012 and tapping out its $15 billion lifeline from the Treasury.  Its supporters argue privatizing would be devastating to service and jobs, but should it be considered to save taxpayers money?

Some governors think they have the solution to higher costs for college: they’re pushing for state-run colleges to offer “bargain” degrees for only $10,000.  Is this a reasonable solution to rising tuitions?

As entitlement costs continue to soar, so does entitlement fraud, including damaging new video showing a partying woman who claimed she couldn’t work due to anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.  Can the fraud be cut without cutting the entitlements themselves?   Should it be?

Plus, a stock pick that lets you bet against Mahmoud and Gisele and for the USA.

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