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Leo Melamed: Capitalist Pig

Posted: May 19, 2013

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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The name of our firm was partly inspired by a Chicago Mercantile Exchange advertisement from the early 1970s which featured a photograph of a hefty pig and the caption “Capitalist Pig.”  The man behind that advertisement was Leo Melamed, one of the first successful businesspeople to agree to be interviewed for my then-embryonic college radio program.

Melamed sat down for an hour-long profile in which he described his escape from the Nazis, emigration to the United States and long history of innovation in the financial markets.   Melamed not only created financial futures, but also spearheaded the electronic trading platform Globex, both of which have revolutionized trading and risk management worldwide.

Leo continues to actively trade, consult and lead the industry on which he’s had an incalculatable impact.


Leo Melamed interviewed by Bloomberg, 2009

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