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LIVE: Nisht Ahin, Nisht Aher

Posted: August 23, 2018

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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If you are stroking a dog and suddenly you remember you have to do your homework, you just pick up and go away.  The dog just rolls just over and says, “That’s it, no hard feelings.”  That’s not always the case on the human level.

– Leonard Peikoff

This week we’re taking a break away from our Saturday morning YouTube investment show, normally streamed at 10AMCT.

See you next Saturday, September 2. 

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  1. Bill Sekerak

    I know Dr Peikoff is absolutely correct in his assessment of this situation and even though I tell myself that’s the way it is ,a dog lives in the moment, I still feel bad about ” going away “. Lol ! It’s true.

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