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Why Hillary Has My Vote

Posted: May 3, 2016

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Ayn Rand once noted how “elections are won in every month of the year except November.” A Presidential race can’t change ideas, it just cashes in on those already accepted as truth.

I start with the premise that the only thing that can save the country is capitalism.

Yet sixty-three percent of Democrats and 49 percent of Republicans view Wall Street as detrimental to the economy, as reported by Daily Wire. Barely half view global free trade positively, according to Pew. The majority of young people now reject capitalism outright.

Reversing the trend will require decades of education. For Americans, capitalism remains the unknown ideal.

In this context, Donald Trump’s business credentials are exactly what makes him so dangerous. In the minds of voters, Trump represents capitalism. But as was pointed out in this space five years ago, Donald Trump is explicitly anti-capitalist on issues ranging from taxes to anti-trust to trade.

Trump’s use of the term “rape” in describing global trade is a horrid but telling indicator of just how he views voluntary relationships.

For nearly a decade, leftist intellectuals have spread the mythology that free markets were tried — and failed — under George W. Bush, necessitating greater government controls. But it was President Bush who started the bank bailouts in 2008, Obama just picked up the ball and kept running.

In Hillary Clinton, voters get another term of Obama, and Bush before him. She’s a mixed-economy power-luster, same as the old boss. If they are to survive, Republicans must present a capitalist alternative. Right now, they can’t.

And when Hillary’s policies fail, as they will, her socialist ideas will rightfully be denounced.

But President Donald Trump would be the standard-bearer for American capitalism, despite the fact his ideas are exactly opposed.

Because he is in business, Trump’s progressive taxes, threats to CEOs and tariffs against consumers will be legitimized as capitalist, as moral, as just. They’re not. 

And when Trump’s policies fail, as they will, American capitalism will unquestionably get blamed.

This is why I’m supporting Clinton: Long term, the damage levied by Donald Trump to capitalism in America will be immeasurably worse than that wrought by Hillary Clinton.

Consider that the most catastrophic financial collapse in U.S. history came under President Herbert Hoover, the Republican businessman who enacted trade restrictions to “bring back jobs.”

What followed wasn’t just economic misery, but the subsequent election of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the institutionalized welfare that hasn’t stopped metastasizing since.

In effect, what worries me most isn’t Trump, but what comes after Trump. “We tried free markets under Donald Trump,” they’ll say. “Look how it failed!”

At that point, with capitalism completely discredited, the path is very short to dictatorial rule.  There’s nobody left to stand in the way.

Jonathan Hoenig is managing member at Capitalistpig Hedge Fund LLC. Redistribution with proper citation welcome. 


  1. Alfonso Vega

    As a principaled conservative, the reasoning in this letter is clear & logic is sound. A vote for the already discredited HRC, with an extension of Obama’s economic failures; can be eclipsed in a single (extra) term of office. Whereas, the ascencion of an extreme blatant crony-capitalist, like Donald Trump to White House, would cause more damage to the American Ideal; that could last a generation.

    Trump is on track to claim 1237 GOP Delegates and perpetuate the greatest fraud in US Politics. What an incredible shame will be cast on our Nation; should this transparent con-man be elected. All the while, a dishonest media is first in line to admire ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’.

    Ayn Rand notes: “Capitalism is the only system, that can truly make freedom, individuality and the pursuit of values possible in practice.”

    Donald J Trump and his ‘Biff Tannen’ perversion of gilded success, needs to be purged from power this election cycle. I’m dropping a 30yr GOP affiliation; checking the DEM box for HRCs replacement Biden.

  2. LtCol Bill Coenen USMC (Ret)

    See your point Jonathan. But following that reasoning the sure cure for the flu is decapitation. It is a moot point in any event. HRC will not be viable after the FBI interview & grand jury indictment. I’m sure BO will pardon her for violation of the espionage statues but the conspiracy and corruption charges will fall under the preview of the next administration. You can not hold public office once the espionage charge is proven and it wa so once the SAP intelligence was found(22 times) on her unauthorized server. Intent is not a necessary element of proof, the very fact it was there convicts.

  3. Red_Eye_Robot

    ” when Hillary’s policies fail, as they will, her socialist ideas will rightfully be denounced.”

    This as absolutely false. The left and the media will never denounce socialism. They had 75 years to denounce the Soviet union and even after it collapsed they refused. By contrast Reagan’s Economy was one of the most robust in American history, The left and the media still denounce it to this day as a failure.

  4. Robert Gill

    Thank you Jonathan. With Trump in 4 yrs, imagine 2020-2028. American education system has failed so miserably. So many econimically illiterate people. Keep up the good fight.

  5. cathy


  6. Patrick L Black

    I share your fear of a Trump presidency as well, and for the same reason. It is not that his ideas are particularly worse than those presented by Hillary or Bernie, indeed, in many areas, there is not a lot of daylight between them. We seem sure to suffer for these ideas one way or another, and I would prefer that they are laid at the feet of statism where they belong, not at the feet of capitalism which is certain to be the case with a Trump presidency. I don’t know if I can force myself to vote for Hillary (or Bernie), but I certainly won’t be voting for Trump. Then, no matter what happens, my conscience will be clear.

  7. Michael Neibel

    I agree on many of your points but I think Hillary will take away everyone’s guns and free speech. Then arguing for capitalism and free markets at a future date will not be permitted.

  8. Boris Alatovkrap

    Mr. Hoenig,
    Boris is agree with danger of misrepresentation of capitalism by corrupt cronyist Donald J. Trump…

    BUT, this is already play out in 2008 when America rejecting John McCain who is also not true capitalist and is hoping Barack Hope’n’changebama is make point that Socialism is fail. And fail it does, but cry for more government is grow louder not is attenuate or mute.

    2012 is present opportunity to turn ship around, but now ship is bottom of ocean floor and rationale of drowning passenger is not to see true difference of capitalism and socialism, but now government that enslaving masses is only life preserver still that is afloat.

    This time IS DIFFERENT, because Good Ship Americana is not adrift, is careen with ocean bottom.

    Only benefit of Hillary Clinton presidency is final evacuation of breathable oxygen and maybe, just is maybe, fresh start to pick up piece of dead Amerikansky dream.

  9. Wayne

    I know you are thinking about the future, about longer term items. But…what if we are already at the point of dictatorial rule? What if Obama already has us there, and Hillary is the new boss, same as the old boss? And isn’t Trump exactly the same? This is our ONE opportunity to get a third party elected. People think they have to go to the voting booth and hold their noses and choose one of these two. But there are other choices. And this is our time not to fold and vote for a dictator. It is our chance, maybe our one chance, to have a real future for this country. I, for one, do not choose the road to serfdom.

  10. Scott Holleran

    I agree, though what worries me is a Trump presidency in addition to what comes after Trump. He’s not only anti-capitalist on economics, he’s anti-capitalist in a political sense, too, as he explicitly opposes property rights and freedom of speech.

  11. Rebekah Huang

    Why not @govgaryjohnson?

  12. Terry Schaub

    How did the denunciation of Obama’s socialist policies change anything?

  13. Allen Hughes

    So exactly what stops all of you guys from getting behind Gary Johnson, the only true third party candidate and a true free market capitalist?

  14. Ruth Corsaw

    I’m with Scott.
    Third party. Both Trump and Hillary are evil, I won’t voted for either.

  15. Tom DeChaine

    I normally agree with this position. However, Trump would not be elected as a “Capitalist”; people are not supporting him on the issues, let alone Capitalist issues.
    Therefore, I don’t see him damaging the Cap. image any more than the Left already has.
    Whereas, Hillary could certainly take us to a point where Statism will be near impossible to eradicate in this country.

  16. Mike Hansen

    When the current economy cannot survive a 1/4 point interest increase without the dow dropping 2000 points . While at the same time we have a president, that tells us the economy is doing great. Since the last budget was passed by a rino in the house we have already added another trillion to the deficit. We have rampant illegal immigration and now the author wants more of the same. We have tried the Harvard and Yale route. Lets try the Trump route for a few years.

  17. Rick Shasta

    Romney ran businesses and was successful. Trump is a businessman. What’s the difference now? Trump will not play the right left game and Trump is NOT a wuss like Romney was. Trump will get nasty.

    Bill Clinton always chose someone other than Hillary, shouldn’t you?

  18. Stephen T

    Four years of Hillary, her continuation of obamanation policy, and 4 or five supreme court appointments will set our country on the road to civil war. Which is worse, your scenario or mine? And please eschew the use of marxist terminology. Call it a free market. The left is very good at branding. Accepting their terminology is a defeatist concession that grants them a rock solid victory before the argument is even made.
    We’re at a crisis point. We have been in a Constitutional crisis from the first day of the present administration. If we wait another four years for Hillary to prove a disaster, the damage may be too great to ever rectify. Stop pretending that the country can be saved by democrat failure. Your idea of failure is their idea of success. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams already. Allowing them another four years would be a crime against your children.

  19. Bridger

    Sorry, I can’t join the band here. You fear that Trump will cause irreparable harm. Won’t happen. No one in congress will work with him. A few free lancers possibly. But the SES and GS 15 positions will not work with him. they are entrenched and they know he will be leaving after 4, maybe before. They will suggest study after study, delay and misdirect. None of his cabinet secretaries will be able to move the ball past the 10 yard line. The government will grind to a halt, at least as concerns policy and budget. He is nothing to fear.

  20. Individual Dude

    It would seem your stance to support Hillary amounts to: collapse is inevitable at this point and best case scenario we get to blame Hillary. You may be right. I kinda lost hope in 2012.

  21. Ski

    Both HC and the current president were deeply influenced by Saul Alinski and his famous book “Rules for Radicals.” HC has utter contempt for our tattered constitution, and the founding principles to our nation. To quote a quote (Yiddish?) I heard from Dennis Prager “what is certain is certain.” It is certain that HC will appoint 2 to 3 radical left justices to the Supreme Court, and that court will make law from ever rule written by the EPA, and other government agencies. It is certain that capitalism, the free market, liberty, the pursuit of happiness will be snuffed out by the ever growing federal bureaucracy and regulation. It is certain that the crony capitalist will flourish, and citizens will become subjects. It is certain that illegal aliens along with the shenanigans will shift the demographics that will give the Democratic Party absolute power for generations. There is no certainty with Trump. Any Trump policies will have to pass through a hostile Democrat and Republican House and Senate. Any unconstitutional executive order will be apposed by the Democrats and the media. Trump will always face the treat of impeachment. HC never will. In my view the most destructive force in America is the radical left, and the left owns the democratic party. If you are really a capitalist you need to take a look at the left and ask yourself how can capitalism survive their policies.

  22. Grant A Hodges

    It is delusional to risk ten minutes with Hillary Clinton as president.

  23. thor47

    Just one more voice to point out the fallacy of the author’s reasoning. Presidents and Congresses promising more to the voters never get blamed for any length of time with economic failures.
    The public’s memory is just too short.

  24. Run doubt

    Trump is the end of the world , same BS as when Reagan was running ..
    What happened to “Trust the people”
    Its all a negotiating tactic with Donald , he has staked out the extreme position , now he can move to the middle , just like any other good candidate would..
    Change is comming get on board so you can have a say in what happens …
    Keeping the Status Quo is the worst option ..
    Clinton is better than Trump !! what have you been smoking ??

  25. Heather M. Murphy

    I agree with Jonathan. I do. I do. I do.
    The only thing that scares the bejeezus out of me is Supreme Court appointments. If Scalia was on the court and going strong, swapping out Ginsburg and maybe another Progressive justice for another is no big loss. But, Obama has already placed 2 young, Uber Liberals on the court. Another 2, 3, possibly 4 more if HRC were to get 8 years would completely destroy America.
    I was worried when Obama beat McCain. I was scared when Obama got a second term. Now, I am practically terrified. The ONLY positive thing I see in a Trump presidency is the premise that Trump will need Cruz supporters to win in November, and a deal may be struck for Trump to appoint Cruz to the SCOTUS. Seated there, Cruz will keep our Constitutional rights, AND Trump in check.
    Trump is now saying he’d like to add “someone” who is an expert on government, etc., and he wants his focus to be on the economy. My prediction? As VP, John Kasich, would gift Trump with Ohio. After being repeatedly adamant that he would NEVER EVER accept a VP position with Trump, said at his campaign suspension speech “God has a purpose for everyone. I have renewed faith that the Lord will show me the way forward.”
    So, there you go.

  26. Jorge

    I may not be in the tank for Trump #Eric but there is no way I would vote for Hilary because not just for the economy but the court as well. The things that Obama has done with the court will be cemented with crooked Hilary. She should be in jail.

  27. Cary

    The public does not learn such political lessons. Observe Clinton, a treasonous career criminal, a presidential candidate who should be in prison. Clearly, the public learned nothing from Obama’s eight years and knows nothing of justice. I highly doubt Ayn Rand would vote for any criminal, especially given the choice of abstaining.

  28. Bill Sekerak

    I agree with you completely without any reservations.

  29. Denise

    Hillary has and will have full support to do damage. Trump do not have and will not have full support. Easier to control Trump than Hillary.

  30. Wilbur Krusell

    In truth, Johnathan is worked up about losing his carried interest tax credit. All the rest is shade. A majority of voters in this country want better trade deals not no trade. Donald is there only chance to slow the process before there isn’t a factory left. The Chinese are right now embarking on a $130 B effort to takeover the Semi Equip business. TPP as written will wipe out the auto parts industry in Canada and the US. One GOPe swell told me not to worry about it, “Republican kids should be interns and keep busy learning the process”!! No hope for GOPe…

  31. Rocky Rambone

    Well I remain mostly concerned about the make up of the Supreme Court. All the laws and legislation that pave the way for environmentalism, EPA, Obamacare and social spending, will all be upheld by a liberal Supreme Court under the “promote the general welfare” clause.

    No guarantee Trump would appoint conservatives to the court. We know Hillary won’t.

    Either way, make sure to vote and to support conservatives in the House, Senate and your local elections. We need checks and balances more than ever.

  32. Marlene

    If this exemplifies your thinking process I’m sure glad I never took your financial advice. Maybe we need a stock market crash to set the stage for prosperity?

  33. Richard

    I respect Jonathan’s argument, but I think voting third-party is a better way to go. Why help give Hillary a mandate? If she wins with 45% of the popular vote instead of 65%, that makes a difference. A good third-party turn-out will ensure that her victory does not become a landslide. The latter would cause her (and an adoring media) to imagine that she is far more likable, smart, and qualified than she really is. And, by not voting for her or Trump, my conscience will be clear.

  34. David

    One can certainly make all the excuses they want when faced with two despicable, arrogant, self-serving incompetents. However the first job is the appointment of a SCOTUS justice. I believe there would be some leeway w/Trump, none w/the hildabeast. This nation will not last much longer anyway regardless of who gets in. Another great empire down the drain due in this case to a democracy running over a Republic. Don’t ever want another cheating clinton as I never want another idiot Bush.

  35. Mañuel Laver

    Uh, ‘leftist intellectuals’ did not create the imoression that recent Republucan policies were capitalist, the Republucan Party did that, and some conservative intellectuals abetted the process—to be fair, likeky because they considered the R.P.’s policies to be more capitalist than the Democrats’—and, speaking as someone very likely more socialist* than most here, I cannot but agree…but I can see that they are less capitalist than you’d like.

    *like ‘capitalist’, in the real world it works much better as a comparative adjective than anything else, e.g. ‘I am less capitalist than Lysander Spooner.’, ‘You are less socialist than Mitt Romney. ‘ though that first opens the question of whether ‘capitalist’ really were a proper synonym for ‘pro–laissez-faire’.

  36. Dale Netherton

    YOU will remember Clinton was endorsed by Leoanrd Peikoff and we saw only bigger government and scandal. Nobody is saying Trump is a full blown capitalist or even understands what one would look like. The idea that he not be given a chance to make America Great because it will hurt capitalism’s cause at this point in history is spurious. Look at his virtues, his achievements and his ability to learn. Supporting a known liar with whimsical policies that lean further left with each Bernie victory is not condemning socialism or advancing capitalism. One could easily make the case that sociallism will be embraced ( as Bernie’s followers have shown) because the antics of Hillary were not true socialism. It’s is too early for a capitalist to be elected as most of the country doesn’t even know what it is . In the mean time vote for someone who speaks for America. That isn’t Hillary.

  37. tony howe

    Are you the guy pictured on Mad magazine?

  38. Sawsharee

    Ayn Rand also said Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values. Neither Trump nor Hillary reflects my political or ethical values and I would be very unhappy with either choice. In this time of Political insanity i would agree that Hillary is the lesser of two evils. With the two candidates steeped in negative adjudication, it is my hope that both will be forced to drop out leaving an opening for Ted Cruz to become our next President. With Cruz our Capitalist endeavors and SCOTUS nominations are safe. However, I do live in reality and in this real world Jonathan is right, Hillary would do the least damage to the Capitalist “Doctrine.”

  39. Mark Hunter


    You can’t be 100% #NeverTrump and 100% #NeverHillary at the same time, there is no Third Way that is really possible. Hillary WILL become president unless Trump garners enough votes to defeat her.

    Mr. Hoenig is associated with the Ayn Rand Institute and I think he is as “limousine leftist” as they are:

  40. Barb

    Vote for Gary Johnson, and maybe he will win enough states and neither candidate will get 270 electoral votes, and it goes to the house.

  41. M. R. Gedge

    I disagree.
    There is a fundamental difference between Trump and Clinton. Trump loves this country; Clinton hates it.
    Some of Trump’s proposals may be harmful but not through intent. Clinton’s will be harmful by design.
    The Supreme Court is the only issue. A Clinton Supreme Court ends the Constitution: it ends rule under the law.
    A Clinton victory is the end: there is no coming back from it: there is no afterwards.

  42. Stephenie

    I can’t agree with you. I don’t believe it will happen that way. There’s enough in congress to stop or at least weaken his proposals. I get that you think capitalism is the end all for fixing the country.
    My opinion is the Constitution must be followed by all. This would be a solution for many of our ills.
    Hillary wants to rule the country. She’s going to be pressured to do something about “Wall Street”. She very well could consider using them as a tool. It’s not going to be as clear cut as you submit.
    I do agree we need massive education. In fact aout everything
    in this country. Hillary isn’t going to stray from her agenda of creating a forever liberal voting block

  43. Jim Austin

    The main issue is whether the president should defend the United States. Whatever his faults, Donald Trump is the only one who will. That is the only thing that matters.

  44. F.D.

    It is capitalism metastasizing in America and what brought the dictatorial Trump into power. He should worry even the very most piggish.

  45. Barney Steel

    Just like Normandy, Trump is on the beach, fighting his way across the berm. Casualties are high–Oh,God. We must at least gain the back-shore. Ayn Rand is well known and admired by Trump and many of the strong men around him. But where is the fleet–the blood line–the big guns of Objectivism, those master planners of Reason, Liberty and Capitalism? Is that a sneer in their voices as they look down from their ivory towers, upon the horror below in the battle against Medusian envy for America’s soul?

  46. Mark

    The son of a bitch voted for Clinton…what a fucking loser.

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