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#TBT: I Don’t Speak The Language

Posted: November 10, 2016

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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In June of 2000, appearing on VH-1’s short-lived Sound Affects, Jonathan Hoenig reminisces about the impact of Matthew Wilder‘s 1983 hit, “Break My Stride.”

VH-1 “Sound Affects” (June, 2000)


“Break My Stride” is the sort of song that gives one-hit wonders a good name. An irrepressibly bouncy synth-pop tune with a dazzling array of hooks, from the reggae-beat main riff to the clever viewpoint shift of the last verse and chorus, down to the way Wilder sings “break-a-mah-stride” as one word in the singalong chorus, “Break My Stride” is exactly three minutes of pure pop fizzy goodness. Yet listening to it, one is not left with the slightest need or desire to listen to any other Matthew Wilder songs. You just know that none of the rest of them could be this good, or this much fun.


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  1. Bill Sekerak

    Very cool Jonathan, very cool !

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