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WLSAM890: 30-Year Streak, 50-Year Bonds

Posted: February 28, 2017

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Some of the stories I’ll cover this morning with “Big” John Howell on WLS-AM890 and streaming worldwide at 6:35AMCT: 

Dow Win Streak Longest Since (Gulp) 1987

Infrastructure Spikes on Trump Plan to Spend

Snap is going public…

…and one unusual investor will make bank. 

New iPhone Could Cost $1,000 and People Will Pay

Buffett and Howard Stern are in Business

Wendy’s Kiosking 1000 Locations

20% of Bank Branches Going Away by 2020

“Lifetime” 50-Year Government Bonds on Tap

Crash at Ivanka’s

You Can Buy The BMW that Tupac Was Killed In

Hoenig: Hedge Funds Can Save the World

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