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WLSAM890: Frankly Insulting

Posted: June 5, 2018

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Some of the stories I’ll cover this morning with “Big” John Howell and “Ramblin'” Ray Stephens on WLS-AM890 and streaming worldwide at 6:35AMCT: 

Nasdaq scores record close with Apple at all-time-high

Twitter shares rise on addition to S&P 500

June is usually the most boring month, it likely won’t be this year

McJobs Going to McRobots

No Plan to Ditch Plastic Straws at $MCD

Coders have now earned $100 billion through the App Store

Apple Plans to Combat Tech Addiction with New Software 

A third of Chicago home borrowers can’t afford to move

Four in 10 can’t cover an emergency expense of $400, Fed survey finds

Trade skirmish could get ugly when Trump goes to Canada this week

Trump’s tariffs are ‘frankly insulting,’ says Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

The maple syrup tariff

Starbucks’ Schultz Mulling “Range of options”

Serious Strawberry Frap Has 50 Grams of Sugar

African-American jobless rate drops sharply to new record low

Money Market Fund Yields 2900% Higher Than 2012

Google searches for ‘bitcoin’ nosedive 75% this year

United Airlines attempts to fix boarding process headaches with new system

First-Time Buyers are 46% of New Mortgages

Illinois Bonds Beat the World, for a Month Anyway

“Everything must go, even Geoffrey.”

This ETF Has Lost 13% Waiting for the ‘Retailpocalypse’

SpaceX postpones plans to send first space tourists around the moon

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