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WLSAM890: King of Debt

Posted: October 23, 2018

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Some of the stories I’ll cover this morning with “Big” John Howell and “Ramblin'” Ray Stephens on WLS-AM890 and streaming worldwide at 6:35AMCT: 

Dow Can’t Get Up Despite Good Earnings

The Berkshire Hathaway of Pot Will Begin Trading on the NYSE Today

…But Pot Stocks Just Crashed Most on Record

Chicago in Final Running for Amazon HQ

Ford Says U.S Steel Is Most Expensive in World Because of Tariffs

Ford starts US production of the Ranger pickup for the first time in years

82% of Teens Have an iPhone, Highest Ever

Netflix accounts for 38% of Teens’ Screen Time

How Much Should You Have Saved By Age 50?

Tech Salaries Jump Above $130,000

You’re 400x more likely to be hit by lightning than win Powerball

Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair are to be auctioned off

Child Care Cost Costs Nearly $10k/Year

Ask This Financial Question Before You Start Dating Someone

Your Neighbor’s Ugly House Hurts Your Value

Taco Bell testing Toasted Cheddar Chalupa

More Than Half of US Jobs Could Be Automated Over the Next 20 Years

#1 Thing Americans Would Do With Lotto Winnings? Give it Away

‘Matrix’ filmmakers closing, listing Chicago studio building

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