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WLSAM890: Liquor, Ladies and Leverage

Posted: February 27, 2018

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Some of the stories I’ll cover this morning with “Big” John Howell and “Ramblin'” Ray Stephens on WLS-AM890 and streaming worldwide at 6:35AMCT:

After 400 Point Pop, Many Stocks Have Recouped All Losses

Fed’s Bullard says the stock-market correction was ‘benign’, he’s right

US Steel surges after Trump reportedly said he wants the highest possible tariffs on metal imports

Corporate America has More Debt Now than Anytime Since the Great Recession

Lots of Companies now Bailing on Partnerships with the NRA

Apple plans three new iPhones for 2018 and one is huge

…and Warren Buffett is Buying a Ton of Apple Stock

“Three ways to go broke: ‘liquor, ladies and leverage'”

Buffett has three simple rules, of course.

It costs middle-class families nearly $240,000 to raise one kid

…of course that doesn’t include An elite university for $60,000/year.

Your behavior in high school predicts both your future income and your career success

Dunkin’ Donuts Selling Girl-Scout-Cookie Flavored Coffee

This airline gets the most complaints, by far

Will “Jane Walker” make the ladies drink more whisky?

32% of millennials would break up with their significant other for a $37,000 raise

Trump Organization won’t say how much in foreign-government profits it donated

Only copious amounts of Szechuan sauce can insure there are no further riots in this large restaurant chain

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