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WLSAM890: Why?

Posted: April 3, 2018

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Some of the stories I’ll cover this morning with “Big” John Howell and “Ramblin'” Ray Stephens on WLS-AM890 and streaming worldwide at 6:35AMCT:

Dow drops more than 400 points after being down 700 as trade-war fears intensify

Worst start to April since the Great Depression

Trump hits Amazon yet again

Manufacturers are worried about Trump tariffs

…Tyson Foods shares drop the most in 17 months on China’s retaliatory tariffs

…And Manufacturing Input Costs Soar Most In 7 Years, Trump Tariffs Blamed

Intel stock pounded after report that Apple is moving to own chips for Macs

For the first time ever, young Americans are less optimistic than their parents

Tesla bankrupt? Elon Musk cracks jokes after worst month in 7 years

…Tesla Shares Still up 500% in 5 Years, Worth More Than Ford

Bankrupt Coal Company Asking Trump for Bailout

Marijuana Market Value Larger than Tobacco’s, Nearly the Size of Wheat’s

18 percent of workers say they have eaten someone else’s lunch out of the office fridge

Overstock kills stock offering, citing market volatility

Overdraft fees haven’t been this bad since the Great Recession

Here’s When the Dow Could Hit 50,000, 100,000, or 1,000,000

The average wedding cost in America is over $30,000

It Costs The Mint 1.5 Cents to Make a Penny

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