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Is there anything worse than being an “extremist” in today’s culture?


“We’re close to an incredible milestone in our campaign to stop endless Republican extremism.” says Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

In supporting higher taxes, Harry Reid (D-NV) commented how “Extremism is making it impossible to reach a balanced agreement before the election.”

“Stop letting extremists threaten our economy.” tweeted President Barack Obama earlier this year.


But as Ayn Rand pointed out, “extremism” is a term which, by itself, has no meaning. To proclaim that any extreme is evil because it is an extreme—to hold the degree of a characteristic, regardless of its nature, as evil—is an absurdity.

“Are extreme honesty and extreme dishonesty equally immoral? Are a man of extreme virtue and a man of extreme depravity equally evil?” Rand asks.

Barry Goldwater, 1964 Republican National Convention

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