The Worst of the 80s

Product: Board Game, 1989

Price: $35.00 (Includes shipping via U.S. Postal Service)

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Businessmen are often the worst defenders of capitalism, as evidenced by the multigenerational absurdity of Donald J. Trump, who poses as capitalist while advocating for protectionism and mass redistribution of wealth.  He’s destructive to capitalism, not a spokesman for it.

Self-interest is not narcissism. To that end, Trump has beclowned himself for over 30 years.

Phil Hartman Cameos in Trump Board Game 1989 TV Commercial

Released to dismal sales in 1989, Trump: The Game is shipped with “Blue Thunder” t-shirt, vintage Rolling Stone, rare memorabilia from The Great Space Coaster as well Donald’s unreadable book.   SOLD OUT.