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Peikoff: Muhammad Ali

Posted: June 4, 2016

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Muhammad Ali certainly was a braggart. Why did Ayn Rand view him as a value?

Ayn Rand didn’t marry Ali, she took him as a symbol of self-confidence. He did it in the form of humor: teasing Frasier and the others. He was at ease doing it, and he was confident, because he knew he could and did deliver.  

And he loved driving them crazy because they knew they couldn’t. So it was not an empty boast in his case. And that’s what we all liked about him.  

He came in there dancing and they all came in long faced, heavily muscled and tense. He came in dancing and giving poetry, he actually had poems like ‘Frazier in Four’ and whatever. That is such a refreshing thing! 

If you hear, now this guy Tim Tebow, and his prayers and humility, and ‘God is the one who really kicks the ball’. I would take Ali a hundred times over this guy.


Excerpted from The Leonard Peikoff Podcast, April 30, 2012

Photo: The Guardian

Ali’s Epic BBC Poem to Joe Frazier

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  1. Greg H

    Draft dodging coward… But nice gratuitous dig at Tim Tebow.

  2. Bruce Crichton

    The draft is totally immoral.

    Ali was correct to resist it.

    Tim Tebow denies his own free will.

    You lose, Greg.

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