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#TBT: Factsheet 5

Posted: August 23, 2020

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Capitalist Pig Report was reviewed in Factsheet 5 #65 (1998)

Capitalist Pig Report was reviewed in Factsheet 5 #65 (1998)

Factsheet Five was a periodical mostly consisting of short reviews of privately produced printed matter along with contact details of the editors and publishers.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, its comprehensive reviews (literally thousands in each issue) made it the most important publication in its field, heralding the wider spread of what would eventually be called fanzine or zine culture.

Before the widespread adoption of the web and e-mail beginning around 1994, publications such as Factsheet Five formed a vital directory for connecting like-minded people. It was the literary equivalent to such phenomena as International Sound Communication in the period of cassette culture. (Wikipedia)

Capitalist Pig Report, a zine started by Northwestern University college student Jonathan Hoenig was featured in Factsheet 5 #64 (July 6, 1998).


“There’s something interesting goes on here, but I admit I can’t exactly figure out what. Laid on top of a typical b&w collage are articles and interviews about investing in the stock market. I don’t know whether they are made-up or not, but most seem to be lacking a point. In a few places, the publisher makes overt comments about the affluent and their lifestyle of plenty, but most of these appear to be reasoned comments on proper investing. Are these stock-savvy punks or real investors who wish the world was a more equitable place? The financial analysis of a failed relationship was the best piece, breaking down the total costs and benefits of a girlfriend into strictly dollar terms.” (1998)

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