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#TBT: Joints I’ve Known

Posted: August 23, 2017

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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High Times, Nov 1997

Earlier this summer it was announced marijuana enthusiast magazine High Times planned to go public through a “reverse merger” with Origo Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: OACQ), valuing the media enterprise at $250 million.

In the spirit of #TBT, we’re proud to share Jonathan Hoenig’s essay Joints I’ve Knownpublished by the now iconoclastic magazine way back in November 1997.


Most Memorable: It is spring and the world is being born in Chicago. Now I’m at water’s edge, warmed by the sun just peeking over the horizon. Without effort. It is calm. Early. Looking south; miles away John Hancock’s stately obelisk is silently reaching for the last standing star.

My companion neatly fits my fist. Not a macabre contraption of water and glass, I hold the minimum: a symmetrical stick of tightly tucked paper, thin as tissue, a delicate vellum homage to Mondrian. There is wind. Listen. Cars on Sheridan hum a tune from my youth.

Without hesitation, I strike a single wooden match. Now I am myself. Now I am beautiful. Now I am not alone. Not it becomes clear. Restless, I rise from the dew and brush fresh clippings off soft khakis.

Before the engine begins; before the noise; a last look to the lake. Just a moment in the morning. Just a morning in a life. I walk home to thunderous applause.

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