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What Has Jihad Built?

Posted: September 11, 2017

Author: Jonathan Hoenig

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Even in the heyday of Chicago’s futures pits, the most violent incident you’d see was a schoolyard-style pushing match, despite the trillions of dollars exchanged.  Shoving was infrequent and quickly forgotten about over a few beers.

It’s telling that despite the high stakes, there’s so little violence, both in the futures pits and more generally in the West. That’s because of capitalism, under which the use of physical force is banned.

In America, we debate those we object with, we don’t bomb or behead them. If your goal is a flourishing life, that alone ends the argument.

WTC Stars

For decades, militant Islam has been engaged in a murderous war against America. The capitalist West has been successful, productive, and free, savage jihadists have created nothing.

Militant Islam is Middle-Age barbarism.  What has it ever built?

That should be the focus as we remember not only the thousands murdered on 9/11 but the astounding list of victims too numerous to mention.


That the scourge of jihad has continued unabated 16 years after 9/11 is frightening. Even more alarming is the now widely accepted notion that defeating it is unfeasible.

Because militant Islam has never built anything. Its evil is made possible only by the power the West has let it extort for far too long.

Will that have changed sixteen years from now?

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    Nice article. Historically, think of Islam in terms of “good cop-bad cop.” Good cop: Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.. Bad cop: ISIS, Al Qeada, etc.. It took 200 years to convert” Indonesia into 95%+ Islam. Islam cares not about time. Death by a “thousand cuts” works fine for it. India is experiencing this today. Solution: Kill as many radical Islamists advocating and committing violence as possible. It’s been done before by the likes of Charles Martel, for example. Our civilization depends upon it.

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