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Jonathan Hoenig is a professional investor with a 20-year track record that beat the S&P 500. Frequently seen on Fox Business Network and other media outlets, Hoenig is an investment counselor, accomplished speaker and author of several critically acclaimed books.

Current Projects

Established works and new challenges.

Consultation & Investment

Capitalist Pig offers one-on-one investing courses and consultations or a private partnership for accredited investors.

One-on-One with Jonathan Hoenig

$ 250
  • One-Hour confidential online digital session.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Autographed copy of Price Is Primary.

Private Investment Partnership

$ 100,000
  • Minimum investment required.
  • For “accredited” investors only.
  • Suitable as one part of a portfolio.
sought after and trusted Contributor

“I have been in the speculative game ever since I was fourteen.
It is all I have ever done. I think I know what I am talking about.”

Jesse Livermore, Author